Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quilty Saturday

It is a picture perfect spring Saturday! The windows are all open, there is a fantastic breeze blowing, and I have finished 2 baby quilts. When members of the church have their babies dedicated, the Quilting Ministry makes quilts for them and they receive them during the dedication. We have given away all but 2 quilts so I had to get these quilted to have on hand. There are 2 ladies in our group that have embroidery machines and they make these wonderful bible blocks that we make quilts out of. The quilt on the right is one example. What a great way to tell these children as they get older about the stories in the bible. The parents really treasure these. Last night I finished the binding on another Mexico baby quilt, 2 done and 2 more to bind. The other ladies in the group are working on these quilts at home too so I am excited about the quantity we will have for the Mission Team. This will probably be an ongoing project also as our high school youth go on these types of trips every summer. As a money maker for the kids next year, we have a quilt already made that we will raffle off. It has to be quilted yet but that will be done later this year.
The pix at the top is one of the bible blocks. I am having so much trouble with adding my pix. I don't know how to add them then write something, then add another and make them come out right. Any help here would be appreciated.
Better get back to quilting! Have a wonderful spring weekend! We have graduations in the area tomorrow and have a party to attend. My husband, who is the cooker in the family, has been asked to make his famous baked beans for one party, 2 big roasters full!! It is going to be a real fun party!! :D

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Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh Carol - what wonderful gifts for the baptism! And those bible blocks are wonderful! I've got instructions how to move the pictures correctly. But I don't think I have them at home. If you email me to remind me I'll mail them to you on Monday.