Monday, May 12, 2008

OC Step 4 and Tumblers

Here is one of the step 4 blocks for my OC. I was skeptical about the dk red with the orange but I really like how they are turning out. I am getting anxious to see this quilt finished and it will make a wonderful addition to the fall quilts I have. :D

This tumbler quilt I started after seeing others on blogs. I began cutting tumbers from all the Jo Morton fabrics I had and one evening I put this together. I didn't want a large quilt, and I still can't decide whether to put a border on it. Decision-Decisions!!
Hope you all had a great Mother's Day! My husband and I took my mother to lunch after church and when we were done eating my husband dropped us off at mom's house and he went to Menard's to get some supplies. I love it when he does that so I don't have to worry about him being bored. Once we arrived back home, I spent the afternoon sewing on my OC. Two of my grandaughters that live in Ohio called to visit and later my son, dil, and 2 more grandaughters stopped by. Jenna, my first grandaughter who is now 8, wants me to teach her how to sew. I am so excited and hope at least one of my grandchildren will love it as much as I do. We will start with a pillowcase. My 16 year old grandson stopped by and really surprised me. He is very special because he was my first grandchild and his mother, my daughter passed away when he was only 5. He doesn't live too far away and now that he can drive I am hoping he will drop by more often. Last but not least, my daughter is on a cruise and called to wish me Happy Mother's Day, and then sent me a pix of herself on the ship from her cell phone. Now, wouldn't you think a good daughter would have taken me with her???? :D


Jan said...

You are lucky, I can't get any of my granddaughters interested in sewing. Sounds like a great Mother's day for you. I got 24 of #4 done over the weekend..that felt good. Love your block and the tumbler top. You have been busy.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Love your tumblers! I've been cutting tumblers forever, but want to make a BIG quilt with them. So still nowhere near enough yet! But I broke down and bought some FQs at the quilt show to make a quick one iwth plaids/stripes. I just have to get a tumbler quilt made!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

What a fun tumbler! I've only seen pics and haven't really thought about making one.
I am happy you were able to enjoy your Mother's Day, and I am sorry to hear about your daughter. I don't know if I could imagine how hard of a time that must have been and must still be at times. And, since you asked, hmmmm, I suppose a good daughter WOULD have taken you with her on her cruise :0)

Thank you for sharing your blog posts with us. I check for updated daily :0)

Lucy said...

Your block looks great. I love it. Wish I had gone with warmer colors. I'm still having reservations about mine.

How fun to teach your GD sewing. She'll get a kick out of it I'm sure. She'll always remember it.

I've never seen a tumbler top - but I'm so new to this, that's not surprising. Looks like a great quilt to cozy up next to a fire.

Thanks for the visit and comments on my blog.


Jess said...

mommmmmm...i AM a GREAT daughter! and I will gladly take you on a cruise!!! I think we would have FUN!! I missed you! LOVE YOU!