Friday, May 16, 2008


It is Friday and my daughter is coming home for a visit. She had a great time on the cruise but flew home a day early to Columbus, Ohio and today she is driving home to visit her mother! How lucky am I?? This daughter of mine always said from the time she was little, "I am never growing up and I will always live near my mom." Well, she is the only one of my children that moved far away. We laugh about that everytime she comes home.
On a quilty note, I finally finished ironing all my OC blocks and have them all ready for the next step. I also made a baby quilt out of one of my charm packs for the Mission Team to take to Mexico. I started another one this morning out of my Flirtation charm pack. It is really cute!
Tuesday night we will decide how to put them together. I really appreciate all the suggestions and will present them all to the group. I will take my camera and get pix of some when they are finished. Thanks again and have a great weekend!


Lindah said...

Carol...that little quilt, the darker one on the left of my is so cute. Seeing the X over the O pattern, the first thing that popped into my mind was "hugs and kisses." What a sweet little pattern.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

oooooooooooooo Carol! I can't WAIT to see your completed OC! I LOVE those earthy colors! Are those Thimbleberries (I think that's the name)?

I'm glad you'll be having company from your daughter. Hopefully you'll be doing something fun?

Laura said...

Your baby quilts look great Carol. My daughter always tells me she can't wait to move to France. I hope that means she will be staying close by!

Jan said...

Love the way all these different OC blocks are looking. Can't wait to see your finished product. Love your blocks. Sure you had a great weekend with your daughter. Our daughter from SW Texas just informed me she and Grandson are coming the last of June.