Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun Weekend!

What a great weekend! Alot of laughs, long walks, visiting grandaughters, movie watching, and of course good food. While Jess worked on her cruise pix, putting them on her on-line album and labeling them, I worked on the baby quilts for the Mission Team. They were fast, alot of fun, and very colorful. I packed a suitcase of fabric and batting to take to our quilting ministry meeting tomorrow night to get a few more of these baby quilts pieced and hopefully finish a few. We have until the first of August so we should be able to make quite a few. I put a thin layer of cotton batting into the first 2 quilts and they are so light they should be fine. I want to try one with a piece of flannel to see how it works also. I am so glad we have another week before the next step on the OC, more time for baby quilts!! Have a great week everyone! :D


Candace said...

Your little quilts are adorable, and will be a wonderful gift for a needy family.
I was glad for the extra week, too.
I finished step 3 last night, and unless something comes up, or I get lazy, I will finally be caught up.

Jan said...

Those are adorable. Don't you just love making something little and simple every once in a while? Immediate Gratification!