Friday, August 29, 2008

Girls and Quilts

Good Morning!
We are getting ready for a great holiday weekend and I wanted to show some pix of 2 or our grandaughters. They stopped in for a visit the other night and I just had to have some recent pix. Notice the OC quilt behind them.

We always seem to want a silly picture to go along with a good pix so here is the silly one.

Jenna is getting braces on her teeth and so when she showed me they were colored I just couldn't believe it. How times have changed! Hers are yellow, green, and pink.

To make this a quilty post I finally quilted this quilt the other night. It was a row by row exchange with ladies over the internet back in 1997 or 1999, I am not sure. It has been done and has been ready to be quilted but I just never got around to it. It is quilted, see pix, and last night I put the binding on it and will sew it down when riding to Ohio tonight.

This last pix is of the border. I absolutely love this peacock feather border. I bought this at Hancocks of Paducah many many years ago and it is a Hoffman fabric. Love the colors! That is it for now. We will be spending the holiday in Columbus, Ohio with our daughter. Saturday she and I will go downtown to see "Lion King" the stage play and hubby will be shopping at "Dicks", "Gander Mountain" etc. He has quite a few gift cards from Christmas that he wants to use. Hoping everyone has a great holiday weekend!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

100th Post Give Away!


I have reached 100 plus posts and so I am going to have a "Give Away!" I have entered several lately and am excited to have one of my own.

It is really easy, just send me a comment on my blog with your name, that's all, nothing fancy, and you will be entered. I will draw 3 names on Wednesday, September 3rd, and the winners will be announced. Pretty easy huh? Okay, here we go!!

The first name drawn will win this quilt kit -
The second name drawn will win this 9 FQ bundle of Jo Morton Fabrics-

And the 3rd name drawn will win this little quilt made by me!
Have fun and good luck!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Vacation Projects

Working on quilting projects while on vacation with a view of a beautiful lake was wonderful. I had a hard time focusing sometimes, watching the water is so mesmerizing that time would fly by and no sewing would get done. Here are a few pictures of the projects I did work on and now need quilting.

This is a quilt that will going to Mexico for our mission project. All the quilts that we made previously have been delivered to Mexico and will be put to good use. We have alot of work to do before the mission group goes back in January.

I love charm packs! They make wonderful little quilts and they aren't too hard on your pocketbook. :D This is a mission quilt also.

These jars blocks are really old, I can't even remember how far back it was that I made them.
I guess they were meant to go to Mexico and I know some little one will have alot of fun with this little quilt.

This quilt is the oldest one I have, it was the first block exchange quilt I participated in over the internet. All I had left to do was finish the applique on 2 sides since 1991. Pretty sad huh? Well I decided to take it along and get it done and I am so happy I did! It will be the next in line for me to quilt.

This is the last quilt I finished up before coming home. I love it and will look cute at Christmas time. I started on another Christmas quilt "It's A Wrap" with the same fabrics as in the quilt above and it will be given to my DIL as a Christmas gift. She saw the pattern and fell in love with it. It is all cut out so now I just have to do the sewing. I worked on the blocks for the last Web Sampler and got 5 finished up but didn't take pictures. These blocks are really time consuming but are well worth it. The quilt will be beautiful and I will continue to work on them this fall before going to work.

That's about it. I felt pretty productive and was happy I got as much done as I did. When I got home I finished the last customer quilt I had to quilt on Saturday and am now trying to get all my own quilts quilted. I am not piecing anymore until I accomplish this goal and then I can start all over again. We'll see how long this will last! LOL

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Vacation

I am happy to get back from vacation but we had a good time. The two women hunters each got a bear and none of the men did, it was awesome! This is Lorrie with hers but didn't get the other ones pix. The men skinned them and the meat was cut up and brought home. It was quite an evening of good natured ribbing!

The weather was perfect in Atitkokan Ontario which is where we were at. This is the view outside the living room window. The house was nice and slept all 8 of us and there was room for more. Nothing fancy, but it had a HUGE kitchen table that was great so we could all eat together at the same time. Here is the view of my little corner of the world while we were there where all my sewing stuff was set up and I could sew without bothering anyone. A TV with a built in DVD player was brought in from the people we rented the cabin from so I could watch DVD's while sewing since there was no TV programs available. It was perfect and the view out the window next to me was breathtaking! There was alot of fishing done and it was wonderful to have fresh fish for supper!
There was a kayak at the cabin along with a couple of boats and so my husband decided he would try his hand at kayaking. He enjoyed it but wasn't sure how he would get out of the kayak if it turned over. Glad he didn't have to find out.

I will post all my quilt piecing projects on my next post. I got so much done and really enjoyed the peace and quiet of our location. While the group was out hunting bear I was alone alot but came to enjoy the solitude. There are no street lights, no cars running up and down the road, no phones ringing, it was like i was the only one on the face of the earth. I will be going again and will look forward to it next time.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back Home Again In Indiana!

We are finally home and I am so glad to be here!
Just a little eye candy from the only 2 shops that we stopped at on the way up and back, "Life's A Stitch" and "Mill House Quilts", both great shops!!

There is definately no place like home!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Early Morning Sewing

I love little quilts and I have had this kit for quite sometime and decided it would be a good project for early morning sewing before work. It is "Martin's Pennies" by Carol Hopkins. I will take it on vacation with me and hand quilt it while we are traveling. I have 2 others that will be going along and hope to get them all finished in the next 2 weeks. I am having mixed emotions about leaving home for 2 weeks. I love taking day trips or even 4 day trips but I haven't been away from home for more than that in almost 11 years. I love being home, it is my haven, it is where I am most creative, and I am at peace there. I know I will have fun traveling and meeting new people but I will count the days when I can come back home to my little corner of the world.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun Mail

It was a great day from the mail man today! I had pre-ordered the Woodland Bloom 10" squares and these 1/2 yard pieces from Judie Rothermel I had ordered all came today! I was so excited, it has been the best Saturday! We are leaving on vacation in a week and so I made a date with my mom to spend the day together. We had a wonderful day, eating breakfast out, dropping by my cousins house for a visit and then off to the mall so I could do a little shopping for my trip. There were great sales going on so I made some wonderful purchases. We then went back to my mom's apartment to visit some more and my cousin called and we all went out to dinner together. We laughed, cried a little and had such a great time reminising. It doesn't get much better than that!

When I came home hubby was cooking his supper and had picked several tomatoes. Below is one of the wierd tomatoes that he found.