Friday, August 29, 2008

Girls and Quilts

Good Morning!
We are getting ready for a great holiday weekend and I wanted to show some pix of 2 or our grandaughters. They stopped in for a visit the other night and I just had to have some recent pix. Notice the OC quilt behind them.

We always seem to want a silly picture to go along with a good pix so here is the silly one.

Jenna is getting braces on her teeth and so when she showed me they were colored I just couldn't believe it. How times have changed! Hers are yellow, green, and pink.

To make this a quilty post I finally quilted this quilt the other night. It was a row by row exchange with ladies over the internet back in 1997 or 1999, I am not sure. It has been done and has been ready to be quilted but I just never got around to it. It is quilted, see pix, and last night I put the binding on it and will sew it down when riding to Ohio tonight.

This last pix is of the border. I absolutely love this peacock feather border. I bought this at Hancocks of Paducah many many years ago and it is a Hoffman fabric. Love the colors! That is it for now. We will be spending the holiday in Columbus, Ohio with our daughter. Saturday she and I will go downtown to see "Lion King" the stage play and hubby will be shopping at "Dicks", "Gander Mountain" etc. He has quite a few gift cards from Christmas that he wants to use. Hoping everyone has a great holiday weekend!


Karen said...

I remember that border fabric!

StitchinByTheLake said...

The peacock feather fabric is beautiful - don't you just love Hancock's of Paducah! But the girls are wonderful, and so much fun I bet. I also love your quilt that's on the outside walls of your blog - wish I could figure out how to put something there. blessings, marlene

Candace said...

Your granddaughters are cuties, and I noticed the OC right away. I love the quilt and the border fabric.

carol said...

You have a couple cuties too!! Love your orange crush. Still plugging away on mine.