Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Vacation

I am happy to get back from vacation but we had a good time. The two women hunters each got a bear and none of the men did, it was awesome! This is Lorrie with hers but didn't get the other ones pix. The men skinned them and the meat was cut up and brought home. It was quite an evening of good natured ribbing!

The weather was perfect in Atitkokan Ontario which is where we were at. This is the view outside the living room window. The house was nice and slept all 8 of us and there was room for more. Nothing fancy, but it had a HUGE kitchen table that was great so we could all eat together at the same time. Here is the view of my little corner of the world while we were there where all my sewing stuff was set up and I could sew without bothering anyone. A TV with a built in DVD player was brought in from the people we rented the cabin from so I could watch DVD's while sewing since there was no TV programs available. It was perfect and the view out the window next to me was breathtaking! There was alot of fishing done and it was wonderful to have fresh fish for supper!
There was a kayak at the cabin along with a couple of boats and so my husband decided he would try his hand at kayaking. He enjoyed it but wasn't sure how he would get out of the kayak if it turned over. Glad he didn't have to find out.

I will post all my quilt piecing projects on my next post. I got so much done and really enjoyed the peace and quiet of our location. While the group was out hunting bear I was alone alot but came to enjoy the solitude. There are no street lights, no cars running up and down the road, no phones ringing, it was like i was the only one on the face of the earth. I will be going again and will look forward to it next time.

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Milah said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. I'm glad you had a great time.