Monday, August 25, 2008

Vacation Projects

Working on quilting projects while on vacation with a view of a beautiful lake was wonderful. I had a hard time focusing sometimes, watching the water is so mesmerizing that time would fly by and no sewing would get done. Here are a few pictures of the projects I did work on and now need quilting.

This is a quilt that will going to Mexico for our mission project. All the quilts that we made previously have been delivered to Mexico and will be put to good use. We have alot of work to do before the mission group goes back in January.

I love charm packs! They make wonderful little quilts and they aren't too hard on your pocketbook. :D This is a mission quilt also.

These jars blocks are really old, I can't even remember how far back it was that I made them.
I guess they were meant to go to Mexico and I know some little one will have alot of fun with this little quilt.

This quilt is the oldest one I have, it was the first block exchange quilt I participated in over the internet. All I had left to do was finish the applique on 2 sides since 1991. Pretty sad huh? Well I decided to take it along and get it done and I am so happy I did! It will be the next in line for me to quilt.

This is the last quilt I finished up before coming home. I love it and will look cute at Christmas time. I started on another Christmas quilt "It's A Wrap" with the same fabrics as in the quilt above and it will be given to my DIL as a Christmas gift. She saw the pattern and fell in love with it. It is all cut out so now I just have to do the sewing. I worked on the blocks for the last Web Sampler and got 5 finished up but didn't take pictures. These blocks are really time consuming but are well worth it. The quilt will be beautiful and I will continue to work on them this fall before going to work.

That's about it. I felt pretty productive and was happy I got as much done as I did. When I got home I finished the last customer quilt I had to quilt on Saturday and am now trying to get all my own quilts quilted. I am not piecing anymore until I accomplish this goal and then I can start all over again. We'll see how long this will last! LOL


Milah said...

I'm always impressed! You got lots done...I thought you were on vacation??? LOL

Love the online block swap quilt. I have a stack-n-whack I started about 6 years ago that is still not finished.....pretty sad huh?

Great mission project too! Do you know if that jar quilt pattern is online anywhere? I've thought about doing that one too some day.

Laura said...

Wow it looks like you accomplished a lot while gone. I feel so sorry for the poor Bears! I don't think I could shoot one, I would rather sit and sew myself.

Karen said...

1991! I would have given that unfinished project away long before now. I am glad you are going to finish it. It looks really good! Enjoy your vacation.

Lurline's Place said...

Busy, busy Girl - what a fun way to have a holiday and in an idyllic setting, too.
Hugs - Lurline.