Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quilt Finish

It has been a really rough weekend but I did get a finish on another baby quilt for our Quilting Ministry at church. I woke up on Saturday morning with hardly a voice and raspy cough. Not good. Grandaughter and I headed out for our sewing Saturday at church but ended up leaving by noon so I could come home and go to bed. I hate being sick and usually only about 2 times a year feel this bad. The first time is now, during the NCAA tournament, which I love to watch, and then usually around Thanksgiving. Oh well, such is life. Take a look at the baby quilt, it really turned out cute!

I got the pattern off of the "Moda Bake Shop" blog and it went together quickly. Last month one of the ladies at the church cut all the charm squares in half and then I just sewed them together once I got home. You can see how I quilted it in the next pix and the quilting didn't take long at all either, just whipped it out after supper one evening.

And since I had one strip left over, like the pattern said I would, I put it on the back, just like the pattern showed. I was amazed since when I make something from a pattern it usually doesn't end up like the pattern says it should. LOL

Back to the couch to finish watching the basketball games. They seem to always be exciting and I don't want to miss anything! :D

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quick Quilt

The last time my daughter was home for a visit she was telling me about the Grandmother of one of her friends. She thinks alot of her and was wondering if I would make her a lap quilt. I told her to pick out the fabrics and a pattern and I would see what I could do. By the end of the evening the blocks were made. A few weeks have gone by since then and with hubby out of the house for the evening I decided to get this lap quilt put together. I love how it turned out and I know the recipient will too!

Monday, March 23, 2009

All Over But The Quilting!

The UFO is now a pieced flimsy that just need to be quilted! I know my daughter will be excited when she sees this! I called her when I got it done this evening and now she wants to know when she can have it. LOL I do hope to get it quilted by Easter, at least that is my goal. I just love the border! It looks like a horn blowing, hat wearing octapus! They really look kind of wierd but they do make me smile. Just a happy, fun, bright quilt that I know Jess will just love. That is what it is all about after all.
Now on to a baby quilt for our Quilting Ministry at church. I have loaded it onto the machine and will hopefully get it quilted tomorrow after work. Coming home to quilting gets me through the day! :D

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Finish

What a gorgeous day today! Spring has arrive in NW Indiana with sunshine and warm breezes. The grass is really turning green and the buds are coming out on our trees. It won't be long before tulips like these in this quilt will be blooming! I really love the colors in this quilt and I am happy on how it turned out.

I also think the backing is fabulous and the flowers are just as pretty on the back as the flowers on the front. :D

I also did some piecing on a very old UFO. My daughter picked out these bright fabrics at least 5 or 6 years ago and I have been lax on finishing this lap quilt. After hearing about others concentrating on getting old quilts finished, and feeling badly about the ones I had, I decided to get busy too. Most of the blocks were pieced so I just made a few more and then put them together with a small border. Tomorrow I will put on the large border, make a backing , and then put it with the other quilts in line to quilt.

I really feel charged up now and will pull out the rest of of my UFO's and really concentrate on getting them "all" done. Thanks to all of you who have inspired me!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hexagon and Quilting

What a gorgeous spring day it was yesterday here in Indiana! Would like to have been outside instead of cooped up indoors. :D Below is a customer quilt I am working on, doesn't it reflect a perfect spring day? The tulips are so pretty and the backing fabric is so cute! This quilt belongs to one of my customers who I started out quilting for many years ago.

After supper it was time to sit and watch some of the NCAA basketball tournament and so I pulled out my Hexagon container and proceeded to finish another one. These really are fun to make and so relaxing. I'd like to start putting the ones I have done together but will wait until I have them all done to get the colors balanced. I made that mistake once and DON'T want to go through all that ripping!

Have a fantabulous spring day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Start & Almost Finish

After coming home from work today I was just too tired to do any quilting so I decided to get to work on a quilt that my daughter had cut out a few years ago. I am all about cleaning up some old UFO's after seeing all the talk about some of you actually get old projects done. You all have inspired me! This quilt of DD is definately bright and should be cute when done. I am saving the leftover 1/2 sq. triangles from this project for something later. Just can't throw them away! It will be a lap quilt so should go quickly.

Below is the backing for the Christmas quilt I finished piecing. I thought I had bought enough backing fabric but alas it was not. I took all the leftover blocks and a couple of strips of fabric from the backing of another quilt and made it work. I really like how it turned out. :D

I want to thank all that left comments on my previous post. I have been moved out of the elevator I work at to the bigger elevator down the road our company owns and my work load is so much larger that I literally do not have time to check out my e-mail or blogs during the day. I love that I am busy but I miss having the time to comment on and view all the blogs I love to visit. So, I am still around if you don't see my comments but I visit you all when time permits. With that said, it is bedtime and Iwill say good night and hope to drop by and visit you soon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Christmas Finish

Yesterday afternoon while watching the NCAA basketball tournament on TV, I finally finished putting together my "Gallery Of Stars" quilt. I have been working on this for quite a while, in small time slots, and decided to get it done so I can have it quilted by Christmas.

The quilt is quite large, which I like, and fits this twin bed nicely. The 'Merry & Bright" fabric has been one of my favorites for a long time and I still have FQ's I haven't cut into yet.
I am still working on my hexagons and have a few other quilts in the works but will be concentrating on getting the customer quilts I have done and delivered before the weather gets nice enough to be outside. Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun Fat Quarters

I have had a gift certificate from Christmas that has been burning a whole in my purse, so when I was asked to quilt a top from an old customer I of course said yes since we would meet at the shop I had the certificate for. Here are the FQ's I spent my certificate on. I love the ones below, "Flights of Fancy". The colors are just so springy!

The second group is "Traditions" by Moda. These are the types of fabrics that I am always drawn to. I love the dark rich colors and the quilts I make out of them just seem so warm and inviting.
I am still working on my hexagons and am quilting a quilt for the ministry at church. I have my quilts stacked and laid aside once again, but one day I will actually get one quilted. :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Hexagons!

It's been a long time since my last post. Work has been taking up alot of my time lately. We have had to start picking up the big ground pile out west since part of the tarp had blown off and some of that grain has been trucked to the elevator I am at to be stored. When things don't happen within a planned time frame then getting creative is a must. We are good at getting creative. I have been working on my hexagons lately, since I can carry them around, and below are pictures of the two I just finished this morning before coming to work.

Looking at these pictures, I like the dark fabric on the outside row much better the the lighter. I never noticed it before. I will have to adjust my fabric choices accordingly.

Have a quilty day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Block & Quilt

Last evening I watched "High School Musical 3" and finished sewing down the binding on this baby quilt. I love the quilt but was a little disappointed in the movie. High School Musical 2 is still my favorite. :D

Also finished another hexagon block. These are so relaxing to do, but now I have to find some more brown fabrics to cut, plenty of reds but not so many browns. A couple of gals here in town and I are going to the Quilt Show at the Rosemont in April and will see what I can find there. Don't think I will have too much trouble do you?

Happy Quilting!

Monday, March 2, 2009


What a fun day we had sewing on Saturday at the church! Someof us were experienced and some were new, but everyone was willing to help each
other. We had Sharon and Elaina doing some
cutting and Mariah over there is ironing.

Jenna came and sewed on her own quilt and had a ball! She ended up using my machine since she was used to it and I in turn used hers. Here are the blocks she finished. Can't you tell she is proud. :D

Here are a couple of ladies doing some power sewing.

We all had so much fun, and the time flew by so fast, that we decided to plan one Saturday a month to get together and sew. This was my goal and I am so happy that others are getting excited too! We learn so much from each other and having new gals wanting to learn is a plus.

Here is a pix of me learning to run Jenna's machine since she is using mine. She got a kick out of me trying to figure everything out without the manual . :D

This last photo is of a quilt that Sharon (from the above pix) made using her embroidery machine to make the blocks. It is a wonderful quilt and some lucky little one will love it!
What a fun Saturday and alot of great memories. We are all looking forward to many more!