Monday, March 2, 2009


What a fun day we had sewing on Saturday at the church! Someof us were experienced and some were new, but everyone was willing to help each
other. We had Sharon and Elaina doing some
cutting and Mariah over there is ironing.

Jenna came and sewed on her own quilt and had a ball! She ended up using my machine since she was used to it and I in turn used hers. Here are the blocks she finished. Can't you tell she is proud. :D

Here are a couple of ladies doing some power sewing.

We all had so much fun, and the time flew by so fast, that we decided to plan one Saturday a month to get together and sew. This was my goal and I am so happy that others are getting excited too! We learn so much from each other and having new gals wanting to learn is a plus.

Here is a pix of me learning to run Jenna's machine since she is using mine. She got a kick out of me trying to figure everything out without the manual . :D

This last photo is of a quilt that Sharon (from the above pix) made using her embroidery machine to make the blocks. It is a wonderful quilt and some lucky little one will love it!
What a fun Saturday and alot of great memories. We are all looking forward to many more!


Sara said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Love the pic of you and Jenna. Her quilt is looking good!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

HI CAROL! This is the first time I've actually SEEN you! Great smile!

I LOVE Jenna's blocks and fabric! Again, so much fun, bright colors!

I would love to get a monthly/weekly group-sew going.....I might have to look into that

Jan said...

Those get togethers are always so much fun. What a great project. Jenna is going to be a great quilter like her Grandma. BTW, I really like the quilt you are using on your Blog header.

~blue~ said...

Wow! Jenna is making great progress!! Did you show her Marcy's gramma's quilt we made from her leftovers? I can't wait to see both quilts completed!!!!

Jean said...

Jenna is doing a great job...getting together to sew is so much fun. Looks like everyone had a good time.