Friday, March 20, 2009

Hexagon and Quilting

What a gorgeous spring day it was yesterday here in Indiana! Would like to have been outside instead of cooped up indoors. :D Below is a customer quilt I am working on, doesn't it reflect a perfect spring day? The tulips are so pretty and the backing fabric is so cute! This quilt belongs to one of my customers who I started out quilting for many years ago.

After supper it was time to sit and watch some of the NCAA basketball tournament and so I pulled out my Hexagon container and proceeded to finish another one. These really are fun to make and so relaxing. I'd like to start putting the ones I have done together but will wait until I have them all done to get the colors balanced. I made that mistake once and DON'T want to go through all that ripping!

Have a fantabulous spring day!


Jean said...

The weather has been great here too the past few days. Maybe spring is here!!! Love the quilting on that quilt and your block is cute as always.

Milah said...

I like the hexagon blocks and I'm amazed that everyone says they are so relaxing to do. I would not have guessed that by looking at them.

Quilt Hollow said...

Are those the same hexagon blocks that Libby is doing? I'm really liking those!!

Jan said...

OMG I love that fabric. It is so bright and happy. Please show it when it is completed. New Job? Maybe it will let up when you get use to a new place.

Biddy22 said...

Ditto to Jan's request. Please let us see this delicious spring Q when it's done. The photo you posted hints at a great colors and design and curvaceous quilting.
The thought of unsewing hexagon blocks gives me chills. Your blocks look great.