Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Fabric Fun

What a fun weekend it was at my house. DD came home and we had such a nice visit and of course I ended up playing in fabric while she was home. We had run to WalMart on Saturday afternoon to get a few things and ended up looking at patterns. She found one that she liked so now I am in the process of making her a purse and a computer bag for her laptop. It's a good thing she lives 4 hours away or I would never get any quilting done! Also she reminded me that I had promised to make a lap quilt for her friends' grandmother who loves butterflies. Soooo I got out the leftovers from my Grandaughters quilt she is making and DD and I proceeded to cut it into strip and I sewed these blocks together.
I love the pastel fabrics and sew it was alot of fun seeing all the different combinations. I have 21 blocks together so far and will make 4 more to set them 5X5 . I will see what kind of fabric I have for a backing and try to get it done and ready to quilt this evening. :D

It was a great weekend and I always hate it when she leaves, so next time hubby and I will go there to visit her in Ohio. Besides, there are alot of quilt shops in her area!
This last pix is one of my favorite quilts that I made in 1998 and finally finished it in 2002. It is an Elanor Burns pattern and I love it just as much today as I did when I made it.
Now, if I could just finish the rest of my UFO's! :D


Jean said...

That log cabin is so pretty. I can see why you like it so much. I enjoy those colorful blocks too. I have made them before too, they make a quick and easy quilt.

Milah said...

Good grief, - You are like the energizer bunny! I'm so impressed! I must have ADD or something because I could not focus on visiting with my daughter and designing another quilt top. I'm amazed at how much quilting you get done.;D

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Carol---so glad you had a wonderful weekend with your daughter and that she prompted you into making some gifts :0) It's completely opposite with my mother and myself----she no longer is the crafty one; she seeks me out for gifts now.

Lovely block---can't wait to see how you place them together into the next top!
Happy Tuesday!

Jan said...

WOW! You are one busy girl. Sounds like your daughter has you just where she wants you just like mine..."Mom can we, Mom sure would like, etc.... Wouldn't have it any other way, Would you?

Angela said...

The butterfly fabrics are just lovely! And I really love your Log Cabin star! The log cabin block is one of my all time favorites. Such a simple block to piece, but can produce such different results, such as your star!

Country Color Creations said...

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