Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aprons and Houses

Hubby had a meeting this evening so I had alot of time to get some sewing done. First I finished the aprons we need to wear on Saturday. They really didn't take as long as I expected and I'm happy with how they all turned out. With our pink shirts we were asked to wear, we will be very stylish don't you think? :D

Once the aprons were done I cut out a couple more houses. Like I have said before, they are really fast and so much fun!
By far this is the one I like the best! I think it must be the pink and brown combination.

Tomorrow night I will be able to start quilting again. My machine has some new leaders with brand new zippers so I should be good to go for another 10 years or so. 2 more customer quilts and then I am going to quilt some of my own. I can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

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West Michigan Quilter said...

I love making these Happy Scrappy Houses. Yours are so cute. Are you in the Swap? Did you have trouble with the size? As you can see I'm from W. Michigan but grew up in Richmond Indiana. Love your blog. Think of home every time I read it. Happy Quilting.

Jan said...

Those are great! Have a good time at the party. Your little houses are part of a swap, aren't they? Really like those. What are you going to do with the ones you get?

orangesun67 said...
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orangesun67 said...

Aprons are cool, fashionable garments. They're too easily dismissed by the younger generation these days, but you can get some really cool ones!
Tabards too are very practical, yet overlooked garments. If anything stops your clothes from getting dirty in the kitchen, well what's not to love about that!