Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hexagons And A Flower Garden

I have decided to do more hexagon projects, see my side bar, and wanted to show the quilt I have been working on for the last couple of years. This is all hand pieced and am now working (very slowly) on getting it hand quilted. Only a couple of flowers done so far. Here is a picture of one of the flowers that has been quilted. I really enjoy the hand quilting process but it is hard on my finger tips. I have some callouses (sp) but they need to get toughened up again. Now that I have got it out I will work a little harder on it.

I put the final border on my DD quilt this evening. Again, the lighting in the bedroom is not good but you know the colors from a previous pix. I know the pix is sideways but I wanted to get a good view of the corners. Gotta love them! It will now be put in line to be quilted.
I just love how this quilt looks and I think since I still have plenty of fabric left I will try and make a couple of pillow cases or shams to match. Great project for a rainy or snowy day.
Bonnie comes up with such fun quilts, she is my hero! Thanks Bonnie, you're the greatest!!


Jean said...

I love the hexagon quilt. Very beautiful. How will you quilt the DD quilt? It turned out beautiful too. That is an interesting pattern.

Milah said...

I have a grandmother's flower garden quilt that my grandmother made for me. It's a good thing she made it or I would not have one because I don't have the patience for a project like that!

Linda C. said...

Gee Whiz, Carol. I just counted up the projects I have packed to take to Miss Mary's for the weekend . . . 12 . . . and your post reminded me of the bucket of grandmother's flower garden "blooms" I have stashed away. I really should drag that out and get it together. Who has the "support group" for that one? I might need to sign up!

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Wonderful quilts - I especially like the GFG - I've made three of them over the years and recently began working on a fourth for our youngest daughter and her family.


I had my last one quilted by a friend who does machine quilting on her home machine - and does amazing work. I will have this next one machine quilted too - though I love the look of hand quilting - I'm just getting too far behind to hand quilt everything. I too like the slow, friendly hand work of making a GFG quilt.

I like the color combo on your DD quilt better than any other one I've seen - wonderful quilt.

scraphappy said...

What a great Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt. Seeing yours reminds me that I have one somewhere that I used to carry along for handwork. Maybe I'll have to dust it off again. Double Delight turned out terriffic too. Hope the quilting goes well.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

All I can say is
That's A LOT of hexagons and a LOT of work! Anytime I see a Grandma's Flower Garden quilt I am HUMBLED at all the work. I think the "hyper/instant gratification" side of me will never allow me to make hexagon quilts! Boy----they are tedious!

THANK YOU for letting us appreciate yours!

Also---the applique quilt arrived yesterday. It is GORGEOUS! THINK AGAIN if you think I'm going to let me girls use it as a doll blanket! That baby is going on the wall in my quilting space! THANKS AGAIN!

WhiteStone said...

Ummm, I have one of those hex quilts that I've been hand quilting...began the process about 15 years ago. Right now it is sitting in the closet unfinished.

Heather said...

Both quilts are just gorgeous! I haven't had the nerve to try hexagons yet, but they sure are lovely. I have a feeling that if I did, they'd be stuck up in the closet someplace, unfinished, like so many others. lol

Again, gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these with us. ;o)

Robyn said...

Dear Carol,
Your work is so lovely!!
you'd be most welcome to post the Hexie pics on our group if you are interested...I know everyone would love to see what you are doing!!
So pretty!
Robyn xx