Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trying a new procedure

I am trying a new procedure, well, it is new to me, and I want to thank Dawn for showing me how to add more than one picture and be able to stack them up instead of the wierd way I
have been doing it. I am doing this at work so I have no quilty pix to show but I have quite a different variety here. The top pix is of 2 of my grandaughters at a "Chicago Bears" football party. Their parents belong to a Young Farmers group and they love to celebrate a multitude of occasions and the kids all get to get in on the fun, as you can see here!

This little guy is my yard art out in the shrubs in my front yard. He makes me laugh!
Last but not least is the school bus my husband drives to pick up his "little darlings" as he calls the children that ride. He will complain now and then but he really enjoys it. You should see what he gets for Christmas from these children! One year he got a bottle of wine and a package of steaks! He had to call me to come and get them because if he got stopped and the wine was found he would be in deep trouble. LOL

I think I have got the hang of this stacking pix now. Thanks for bearing with me. Have a great day and Happy Quilting!


Jan said...

Success on picture posting. You go girl.

Amanda said...

Perhaps you could post a tutorial - I'm sure there are others of us who have problems with getting pictures in the right place. Love your frog!

Candace said...

Looks like you got it down. I still struggle, but am getting better.

Laura said...

Carol I have a funny school bus story. My kids loved their school bus driver. One day when Tanner was little he came home and asked me what a "Prison Bitch" was. I looked at him like ????? Jess informed me that the driver listened to Bob and Tom in the mornings so that meant the kids did too.

Jess said...

wow...umm, my nieces are a bit scary in this picture :) but oh so cute!!!