Monday, June 9, 2008

Dresden Plate Quilt

I have had inquiries about the Dresden Plate quilt on my last blog and so I thought I would give a few of the particulars. The quilt is 72" X 88". It was hard to get a good pix of the full length so the side view is the best I could do. If you notice the corner blocks they look a little strange but I wanted to use as many of the blades that were cut as I could and still put them in the corners. I do hope my Grandmother would be proud the quilt she started was finished and is being passed on to future generations.

I wanted show the final border on my OC quilt. I folded the quilt since it is also too big to get a good pix but you get the idea. After it is quilted it will be bound in the dark green fabric.


Candace said...

Both quilts are beautiful, and as Emeril would say "you kicked them up a notch". I'm sure your grandmother would be proud and the OC is really nice.

Debbi said...

I like the border on your OC. I had a hard time seeing the pattern in your OC...I think it's the subdued colors...looks very nice!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

*GASP!* The Dresden is beautiful! I have always wanted to make one with 30's fabrics, but don't know when/if I ever will. What a classic!!! And like Candace said, you have made your Grandmother proud!