Thursday, June 12, 2008

One Of My Favorite Things

This is one of my favorite quilts. I had quilted this for a quilt shop years ago and fell in love with it. Once in a while the shop would sell their samples. Without me knowing it, my husband bought this wonderful quilt and gave it to me for Christmas that year. Imagine my surprise! I had rearranged a few quilts tonight and went to my quilt chest to look for a different quilt and saw this and decided to hang it in my studio for the summer. It is quite a large quilt but it is hard to see that because it is hanging behind my Gammill. When I look at this quilt I think of whimsical, and whimsical always makes me smile. :D My husband, I think he is a keeper!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Keep those quilt a-comin! WOW! I have enjoyed peeking at your site the past couple of days with all the GEMS showing up!
How long you been at this dear??? Whew!

Jan said...

That is so pretty. I just love it. The applique really makes it. You did a fantastic job quilting it.

Lurline's Place said...

This quilt is just lovely - I love whimsy, too and your quilting of it is just beautiful!
Well done - Lurline