Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts!

It has been a hot, humid, miserable weekend weather wise. Lightening took out our central air conditioning unit so quilting kept me from being too crabby. Here is another Bible Block baby quilt that I had to quilt, I love it because it is so bright and cheery. The little bible was embroidered in one square in each corner of the quilt. How awesome is that! (excuse the blurr)
The last quilt I had forgotten about. I was changing out my quilts I was displaying around the house and found the Dresden Plate quilt rolled in a crock behind some other quilts. The quilt blocks in this quilt were made by my Grandma Hendry. When my Aunt passed away these blocks were found and my mom gave them to me since I was the only person in the family that quilted. I finished piecing the blocks, made all the half blocks and only had 4 blades leftover. I appliqued them on muslin, quilted it, and it is now a cherished family heirloom. I decided to get it hung up and enjoy it instead of having it put away and I am so glad I did.


Jan said...

The Dresden Plate quilt is wonderful. Really surprised the colors are still as bright as they are. The little bible quilts are going to be a godsend to those little ones in Mexico.

Carol said...

Thanks for the comment! The blades on the desden plate quilt were all in a shoe box, talk about old, and they sure didn't smell very good. LOL After piecing the quilt and qulting it I washed it to get that crinkly look and it too most of the age spots out but some of them still are spotted. Most of those are on the bottom where it is hidden behind my Gammil. A little big of camoflage.

Laura said...

I love your dresden plates quilt Carol. What a family heirloom. I am fortunate to own one quilt that me, my mother and grandmother all worked on.

Lurline's Place said...

I love your Dresden Plate quilt - how big is it please? What a wonderful family heirloom!
Best wishes - Lurline.