Friday, June 20, 2008

Small Town USA

Welcome to the small town that I work in. I will show you around a little. It's not much but I call it home at least 40 hours a week in the summer. Below are the tubs of flowers I like to
plant out front every year. Gives the place a little color don't you think?

The next picture you see is the office building of the elevator. This is where I am at. I weigh the trucks on the scale below the walk way and probe them so I can get the test weight and the moisture of the grain.

The next picture is a picture of a truck loading milo. Milo is a commodity that we just started taking in last year. It is used in birdseed, and if you get milo on your hands don't rub your eyes! It is very irritating, ask me how I know this. :D

The next picture you see is what I call the hill. When trucks bring in grain to us in the fall, after they weigh in they go up on the hill and that is where we dump their grain and put it in the bins.
There are several bins that you can't see in these pix, but with our ground pile and all the bins we can hold 1.2 million bushels of grain here. That's alot of grain!

The next picture is in my office, this is what I call my wall of fame. It has all the people I
care the most about in the pictures that are on the shelves.

This next picture is of my 5 year award and don't you just love the little corn cobb bear?
One of my quilty friends gave that to me the year after I started here. I get more comments
on him, I call him "Corny"!

And of course, what would an office be without artwork? Naturally I have a quilt hanging
right accross from my desk so I can think quilty thoughts everytime I look up!


Candace said...

We just got back from visiting small town USA in Iowa, and it was great. My son wants to move there with his family, and would get excited if they were willing. Living near a city is nice, but your world is one to envy.

Amanda said...

Now that's what I love about blogging - where else would I get to see pictures like these, and learn about milo. Thank you for sharing them.

Milah said...

Nice blog. I'm also a farm wife and quilter from Indiana. Looks like we have lots in common. Thanks for sharing...I look forward to seeing more.

Laura said...

I loved the tour through your office, I can't believe you have been there 5 years already!