Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finally Done Piecing!

After a very nice quilter sent me some of her fabrics that I had run out of, I finally got all the blocks pieced and ready for the next step. My studio is a mess with little pieces of fabrics and thread, but oh, it was so worth it! This is one quilt that will stay with me forever, never to be gifted away.

Off to the dentist I go. Have to have a root canal, and since I am not a good patient, I have been given some really good pills that relax me and I am almost to the point of taking a nap. I have a 20 minute drive to make to get there, thank heaven I live where I will take the back roads (through the country)to get to two towns over for my procedure.

Have a great afternoon! I know I won't!!


sewmeow said...

Love your blocks....anxious to see it put together. Hope your resting and not too much pain from the root canal.

Angela said...

Beautiful! Definately a keeper! :o)))
Hope your root canal goes well! Glad you got some "happy meds" before hand! :o)

Carol said...

Hope all went well with the root canal...Happy meds...a very good thing. Love both sets of your blocks.

Lori said...

Good luck with the root canal!!

The blocks look perfect. how nice they are all ready to sew.

Amy (lilme2_99) said... don't have to say "not a great patient" to me EITHER when it comes to the dentist. In fact, sitting here typing, I think I can feel your procedure being done on my teeth. PLEASE let us know how the "loopy-loopy" medicine made you feel; I have also been offered (but never accepted) some drugs to "relax" because they want to take my wisdom teeth out. Umm.....NO THANKS!!!! I'm 35 and they can stay in there until I DIE!

I SURELY SURELY hope all went as good as it can for you, and that the 'afterwards' has been bearable.

LuAnn said...

I love the fabrics in those blocks. You will soon have them sewn into a top. Hope the dental visit went well.

Shelley said...

I love your fabric choices!! This will be a beautiful quilt, and I can't wait to see photos of the top once it's pieced!

Nancy said...

Nice fabrics, looking forward to seeing the completed top.