Monday, June 6, 2011

Blocks Pieced -Check

I finished piecing my "Weaving The Rails" blocks this morning, yeah!!! And the postman brought the book for my "Acorn Hollow Quilt Kit" that I had found stashed away.

What a great day! Since it is so hot here in NW Indiana today I have spent the time quilting a quilt that I had made many years ago and decided it needed to be finished too. The older fabrics have brought back alot of memories. I love days like this! :D


Barb said...

You are making good use of the heat...can't wait to see the quilt!

Kathie said...

yeah!!! I have been enjoying our cooler then usual weather , we will have your heat wave the next few days.
guess my sewing room will be getting lots of use during that time too!
fabrics look great ...can't wait to see the quilt

Angela said...

Love the "rails" blocks!
Glad you could find the book that was missing from your kit! :o) Looks like fun projects on the cover there!

Jean said...

This heat is ridiculous, but sounds like we will be back to normal by Thursday. Love the fabrics and I really like Art to Heart patterns. What pattern do you have the kit for?