Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am getting so excited for Christmas to come! I am no way near ready for it but I am anxious just the same. This past Sunday after church, hubby and I went to place north of us to pick out and cut down our own tree. Personally I love the artificial kind but hubby wants the real thing. After walking around the tree farm in the cold blowing wind which seemed like forever he finally found the tree he wanted. He cut it down, they shook it to get the dead needles out, wrapped it up and off we went. It didn't take long to put it up and decorate it, hubby always helps. we are happy with it.

That is all the help I get, he goes to the computer and I finish with the other stuff. Here is the wonderful nativity set that was given to us as a Christmas gift as few years ago. I just love it!

Next comes out the wallhanging I made in the 90's.

A few other holiday pieces are scattered throughout the house. I love the carved Santa and the tree.

The santa I am showing here I cross-stitched many years ago and this little one hangs with a ribbon on a door knob in the house. I just love snowmen and so I leave them scattered throughout all winter. The snowman here in the center is made out of a wooden post and is very heavy! He makes me smile just looking at him.

It has started to snow here and now it really looks like Christmas!
HO HO HO!!!!


Quilts And Pieces said...

what fun decorations! I have that nativity set too and love it! But I still need the palm tree/drummer boy yet!

Lurline's Place said...

Beautiful decorations - have a wonderful Christmas!
Hugs - Lurline!

Jan said...

I envy you having a real tree. We gave that up years ago, but I miss the smell. Your decorations are darling. Love the snowmen. Love the snow...wish we had some.

Jean said...

Your decorations look wonderful!

WhiteStone said...

Love your decos. And love the nativity set, too! You're ready for a lovely Christmas!

Milah said...

I was looking at your nativity set. I have the same Joseph, Mary and Jesus but not the shephard or wise men. A neighbor gave it to me a few years ago and I think she bought it at Hallmark. I had no idea they came in a complete set.
I love mine and now I wish I had a complete set. It's very cute.