Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally Finished!

This evening after supper I didn't want to sew but wanted to do something productive in the sewing room. Hand stitching sounded appealing so I decided to finish the label for the Bear quilt and get it attached. Now, we just have to set a dinner date for the Canada group so we can present it to the recipient. I know he will love it!

I have been working on my leader ender projects and the piles are starting to mount up. This is really alot of fun, and it sure is colorful on the cutting table. On a sad note, last night I was trying to finish up machine quilting a quilt and on the last row something happened, I must have hit the clamp because with a loud bang, I broke the needle and ended up bending the needle bar. I made a frantic call to Gammil in Wisconsin this morning and hubby will take my machine up there on Friday to be fixed. I still have another quilt to get done before the holidays, oh my.

Anybody else having any glitches in their plans to try and get these last minute projects done besides me????


Jean said...

That is too bad about your machine. Did it make a hole in the quilt? I love your piles of blocks, though...they do look cheerful!! They will help to cheer you up a little.
In answer to the question, I am getting things done, but the days don't seem long enough suddenly!

Milah said...

Oh no! I don't need to hear this. I have two costumes to make for my grandkids before Christmas and I haven't started them yet!

I can't believe your husband is driving to Wisconsin...I hope the weather is good for traveling. Good Luck!

Amy said...

um yes I have actually had to scratch some projects.. but hey I have a headstart on next year. Don't ya love the merry and bright collection? I am working on a quilt with for my Christmas gift to ME.. thanks for sharing