Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thanks for the help!

Just want to thank a fellow blogger who helped me with my blog.
It seems as I get older I don't retain new things as well, especially computer
things. I want to thank Pineridgequilter for her help today to get me set
up with the Mystery Ring Label. She is the best!
On a quilty note, I have started a Quilting Ministry at church. We have
been quilting on a wholecloth that we have decided to give to our new pastor
and his wife, but with all the classes and things at church we need to find a
place for my old fashion quilt frame, you know, the kind with the saw horses,
so we can leave the frame set up so ladies can just go in at different times and
quilt for awhile. Well, one of our members' husband owns a hardware store and
he is giving us the space we need in the upstairs of the building. Tonight my
husband and I will take it all over there, in the trailer because the poles that we
pin the quilt to are over 10 feet long, and get it all set up. I am so excited! What
a wonderful thing for this man to do. We just might have to make him a quilt too.

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Laura said...

This is so cool. When I was a stay at home mom I went to Hoopeston every Wednesday and quilted on old fashioned frames at one of the churchs. I loved it. I have an old frame myself that I used to have set up but I really don't have the space for it anymore.