Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Paducah Finds

Kits, I love kits, always have. Everything you need right in the package to make the top. I loved these two, pretty traditional, so I brought them home.

The fabric on the right is from one of the several trips that we made to Hancock's. I love the back room where all the flat folds are kept and spent alot of time going through the stacks. I found a variety of fabrics and colors there and this was what I picked up. I did buy a few books this trip, one being "Nearly Insane". A group of us are going to be creating our own quilts with these blocks and will help encourage each other to finish them. I am still trying to decide what fabrics to do mine in.
This last picture is of a small little carrying case that will hold my hand piecing projects and gadgets. It is a small tapestry bag that reminded me of one that my Grandma used to have. Not pictured are 4 purse kits for family and friends that I found and a little pincushion kit that I want to make. All in all it was a wonderful trip, lots of laughter, great food, wonderful friends old and new, and of course great quilts!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

*sigh* I'm so jealous!
I thought of all you "Paducah" attendees this weekend when I looked at my latest Quilt magazine. (I think Quick Quilts? Or was is the Quilting Newsletter??)
Anyway---there was a "Paducah" advertisement.....how ENVIOUS I am of you for being so close......
I don't have to say "I hope you enjoyed it" because that would just be foolish :0) I have enjoyed being Pea-Green looking at your purchases!!!

Lastly---thanks for your kind words about my final CC. Yes---it's great to see a final product, but.....*sigh*....at the same time, it's sad. You spend so much time, heart and effort into a project, and it's bitter-sweet watching it "leave."

Happy Sewing!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Wow you got some great ones in the back room! I got a lot of my teal/brown ones back there, and a TON of brushed cotton plaids for backings! I love the Sherman's March kit! I drooled over those for sure! Glad you had a great time, I did too!

keryn said...

I love the back room at Hancocks too, it was like entering a shrine the first time I went there. I love hearing all the accents, French, English, Japanese. They come from all over the world and we're all nuts about the same thing - fabric!

Your CC is lovely, and that Feathered Cross is stunning. I can't wait to see that quilted.