Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Quilts and Step#2 OC

I have a couple more quilt displays that I forgot to post last night so I
am adding them now. I enjoy rearranging things to get a different look
so I am always moving furniture around. It drives my husband crazy! LOL
Also I have pix of my one block I have done for step #2 of the OC quilt
and the rest of the fabric that is cut. I didn't have enough lights so I went
to my bundle of fat quarters from the the MIX & MINGLE line and pulled
all of them out and cut them. That is why I love Moda fabrics so much,
everything goes together so well.


Amanda said...

You quilts look really impressive on display. I've finished the pieced triangles for OC2 and hope to finish the blocks today. My triangles are all the same colour as I haven't any light scraps left.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Hey no fair! I haven't even contemplated doing step 2 yet! I'm just glad we haven't started the larger fabric steps yet as I haven't decided what to use yet!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Forgot to say,I love that Kim Diehl quilt you have hanging on your rack! Everytime I see that one I love it.

keryn said...

Your quilts look lovely on display, especially on the quilt ladder and the glass trunk. You're a Quiltville fan obviously;Bonnie has so many fans.

Good luck with the Orange Crush, I can't justify starting another project right now, but I'm following the steps with interest. I love your fabrics.

Debbi said...

You've got a really nice display of quilts. Love your CC! How did you get the picture on the sides of your blog? It looks cool!