Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jenna's First Sewing Lesson

This is my grandaughter Jenna who will be in the third grade this coming fall. She has wanted to learn to sew and so today was her first lesson. Jenna picked out her fabric last evening and so we set a sewing date for today. I had the pieces of fabric all cut when she arrived so we could concentrate on just sewing. As you can tell she is really enjoying it!

Along with sewing comes ironing and so here we are with our first ironing lesson. Not bad at all!

Jenna did one pillowcase and did such a good job she decided to do another so she would have one for each of her pillows. This one she did much better and was really comfortable with the machine. Here she is sewing down her ric rac. What concentration!
Another happy face! Maybe I was bothering her trying to get alot of picture. LOL I have hoped and prayed that one of my grandaughters would want to learn to sew and here is my first!

The final results! We had 2 1/2 hours together and she got 2 pillowcases done. She is so proud and so am I! She is already thinking of other projects she would like to make but for the next few weeks she will be working with a pig to show at the fair. I had such a wonderful day and will look forward to more days like today! :D


Milah said...

Jenna is adorable! I think those pillowcases would make a nice 4-H project as well.
That looks like the same pattern I used for my grandsons John Deere pillowcase. He's two and he loves it!
Good luck with your pig Jenna!

Jess said...

she did a GREAT job!! good job gramma Carol!! those are too cute! can't wait to see them in her room!

Jan said...

You are so lucky to have one that is interested in sewing. I have 2 and neither one is interested. Of course I wasn't either at their age so maybe there is some hope. She did a great job and looks so pleased with herself. Cute girl.

Candace said...

Jenna did a great job and I'm sure she will always remember her first sewing lesson with her grandma. I hoped that my granddaughters would show interest, and one sort of did, but I think she wanted instant results, and when she found out it took awhile she kind of lost interest. Maybe when she gets a little older it will come back.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh tell Jenna (I have a daughter jenna) that I LOVE her pillow cases! I especially love the pink one with black cuff - she could send it up to me! I love it!