Friday, July 18, 2008


My son and his family go to Michigan every year on vacation and this year they had their family picture taken there. I thought it was such a good one of all of them and so I had to share. They are such a wonderful and very busy family. My son farms, my dil teaches, and the girls are, well they are my grandaughters, what can I say. :D I am very blessed that they live just 3 miles away in the country and I can see them as often as I want.

On a quilty note, I am fast approaching my 100th post so I am working on my give-away gift. I love give-aways so I hope mine will measure up to what I have seen here so far.
Tonight I will be going out to dinner with 4 of my classmates from high school. We got together last year and had a ball! We eat, laugh, eat, laugh, and laugh some more. No matter how many years have passed they melt away when we get together and continue on where we left off. I am so looking forward to it!
Have a great weekend and happy quilting!


Milah said...

You certainly are blessed and so am I! Both my Son and SIL farm and my grandkids live 5 miles from me:D Our daughter is a few credits away from being a teacher but has put school aside until her children are older (they are 2 & 5 Yrs. old) She's a SAHM and she loves it! I find more things we have in common each time I read your blog.
Oh yeah, have fun tonight at dinner! And, you have a lovely family...I would be proud of them too!

Milah said...

Thanks for pointing that out about my email address. I have edited my profile and its now posted.

Laura said...

Beautiful family Carol!

Enjoy your evening out with friends.

Candace said...

What a beautiful family your son has. Your granddaughters are lovely. I hope that you and your highschool friends have a wonderful time tonight. What fun to still have friends from that time period in your life. I only have one, and she is 3 1/2 hours away.