Thursday, April 23, 2009

What I Am Working On

It has been a long time again since posting and so I decided to say "I am still here" and show you what I have been doing. I finished quilting a customer quilt for my friend in Texas but don't want to show it until she sees it. Below is a pix of the quilt I am piecing in the mornings before work this last week. The large blocks were meant to be small pieced blocks. I proceeded to cut the pieces wrong so decided just to make the bigger blocks instead. The fabrics are by Fig Tree Quilts and I think they are beautiful any way they are displayed.
Below is one of our Quilting Ministry quilts that I am quilting. The 12 blocks are all embroidered and each are different. Some little one will have a wonderful assortment of bible stories with this quilt. We have our sewing day on Saturday so I am trying hard to get it done so someone can bind it.
I realized when I started to post that this is my 200th one! I can't believe it!! I will have something fun to give-away for this wonderful occasion so stay tuned. What to do, what to do!!


WhiteStone said...

What a nice way to feature such lovely fabrics. I like the Bible story quilt, too. Nice work.

Lurline said...

Lovely quilt, Carol - wow, we are Blogger Twins - and must post at about the same rate, too! Happy Blogaversary to you!
Big Hugs - Lurline♥

Quilt Hollow said...

Always fun to pop in and see the workings at your place. Never a disappointment here. Nice, very nice indeed!

Angela said...

Your morning quilt is gorgeous! I like the ministry quilt too!
Oohh! A drawing soon! Yippee! :o)

Jan said...

That quilting is perfect for those embrodiery blocks. That is what I was thinking about you doing on my blue work quilt....perfect. Congrats on the 200th post.

~blue~ said...

200 posts?!?! WOW momma, you are a serious blogger! Boy do I have catching up to do :) I like the latest can always make something beautiful!!! HUGS!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I like coming to your site to see what quilting endeavors you are working on (AND to get more ideas for quilting motivs!!)
I LOVE the simplicity of your pieced quilt; I agree with WhiteStone; what a great way to display some LOVELY fabrics!

Lori said...

Kudos to you for quilting before you go to work in the mornings. If did that I would lose all track of time and be even later for work than I usually am! lol

Anonymous said...

well done on the 200th post, I am still working on getting to 100.

Quilt is looking great, they make great fabrics at Fig Tree.