Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Still Quilting

I am still here in blogland and have finally gotten rid of my cold and am quilting again. Here is the cute little boy's quilt that I finally finished and will be delivering this evening after work. My machine has been having tension issues again and I spent 3 evenings taking out most of the stitching on this quilt before hubby got it fixed. I am still not happy with it and we may end up taking it to the quilting machine doctor before it is all over. Isn't this quilt cute! The long strips on the sides are pockets to put the little guys cars in. Cute idea!

Alot of filler quilting and I know the young man will have many hours of happy playtime with his new quilt.

We had a wonderful Easter with our daughter coming home for a visit. Our Grandson called and came down for a visit too, bringing his letterman jacket with him for me to put 2 more emblems on it. I don't mind since I am the only Grandma he has that sews, that is one way to get the kids to visit. LOL We had a good visit and were sad to see them leave.

Hope you all had a great Easter with your loved ones, we sure did!


Ariane said...

I love the quilt. That is such a good idea. I may have to try something like that. It would make a nice gift for a small boy. I think my sisters son would love that for his birthday next year. Did you make the pattern yourself or did you buy it?

Angela said...

What a cute, cute idea! I like the little pockets on it too! Thanks for sharing!
Glad you are feeling better!

Jan said...

Darling Quilt!! I get the same thing with my grandchildren. I am the only one that sews so they all bring things or tell me to bring my machine when I come visit. Love it...feel needed.

~blue~ said...

Should have posted a pic of us that didn't show how much taller he is than me!! WOW he's growing like crazy! Wish I could! miss you already momma :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute quilt and I am glad you had a lovely easter, ours was quiet and we got over our jetlag to get in to routine after the holidays,never easy.


Karen said...

I have never seen a quilt like this before. What a good idea for a young boy!

Biddy22 said...

I've never seen a quilt like this before. A lucky little guy will be getting it.
Some days I feel like "tension" should be a 4-letter word. It can make my blood pressure rise when it's not cooperating. Hopefully you'll have no more problems with it.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

whew...quite the handsome grandson you have **whistle**!!

Here I was feeling so bad that I haven't been out-n-about commenting on your blog; only to find you've been quiet on your end too.
I've seen quilts like this before; and yes; kids love "driving their trucks on 'em".

glad to see you out quilting again :0)