Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Fun

I love weekends and this last one was exceptionally fun. Saturday morning before I left for a visit with my mother, I noticed this big spider web and knew I had to have a picture. I have never seen one quite this large and with the dew it looked like silver thread. Isn't it wonderful!

I just had to have another pix so I got as close as I could and still keep it in focus. Amazing!!

When I got to moms house I noticed the little quilt I had made for her almost 10 years ago and decided to get a shot of it to show. I saw a pattern of it in a miniature quilt book and thought I would give it a try. When it was done I had it framed and gave it to mom one Christmas I believe and she has had it in the same place all this time. It was not an easy quilt to make, and I will never make another one, but I do love it!
Here it is next to a coffe cup to give you an idea how little it is. I have all the respect in the world for these women that make these little quilts. They are true artists in my book.

Saturday evening after returning home from moms, hubby and I went to a nearby town for dinner and this time I remembered to bring the camera and get some shots of all the wind mills they are building in our area. They are so huge and were really eerie looking when they first put them up but we are getting used to them now. I am glad we are finally using all this wind that we have here to help save other natural resources for our power. The negative part of this is that all the power these windmills are generating is for people in the south and eastern part of the country. Wouldn't you think we would get some benefit from this? Maybe in the future.

Last but not least, Sunday was Jenna's sewing day with Grandma Carol. She decided she wanted to make a bag. I had purchased a few of them in Paducah this last spring and so she picked out the one she wanted and the sewing began. I love the jelly rolls that this purse is made of, it sure saved us from the cutting process. I am not quite ready to give the rotary cutter, they are just too sharp!

This is what she got done before our time was up, good job Jenna! Next weekend we should be able to finish the assembly process and make the handles. What you see in the pix is the front piece and the back piece of the bag.
Since Jenna was with me, Leah had her cousin Allie come and spend the afternoon with her. What a cute group of girls we have here-Jenna, Allie, and Leah.

That was my weekend. As you can see I am truly blessed and I thank God everyday for my family!


Linda said...

The spiderweb is absolutely gorgeous! Great pictures!
Love the little quilt! Beautiful colors! I can't believe how detailed it is for such tiny pieces! Wow!
Love the material Jenna chose! Great job Jenna - can't wait to see the finished result! :)

Paula said...

I loved the little wedding ring quilt, then I saw it next to the coffee cup! You have my admiration! Wow! Yes, the women who make those quilts are artists....count yourself as one!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Thank you for stopping by, you are in the giveaway, Good Luck, Jane

Milah said...

Yes, you are blessed. Those are some sweet looking girls.

I love the spider web, they are always so amazing in the fall! Again, I'm attracted to patterns so thats probably why we enjoy them so much.

The little quilt...WOW! I have never tried anything that small before. I think I'd like to try making one just once..any tips?

Tamara said...

Don' you wish we a quilters can be as productive as those spiders. and what a shame the web and all that work will be gone in the wind. Not like the little quilt you gave your mom. to be preserved behind glass. Beautiful.

Jan said...

That spider web is amazing. Love the fabric Jenna chose. Can't wait to see the finished product. We missed you at camp. Good time was had by all. Maybe next year.