Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quilt Shops and Plays

Over Labor Day weekend, Hubby and I went to Columbus, Ohio to visit our daughter. The first thing I had on my agenda was to visit "Red Rooster" quilt shop in Dublin. I love this shop and the women are always so pleasant and helpful.

They were having great sales but I ended up with fabric that wasn't. DD found a new quilt she would like to have and I bought fabric to make some skirts for the Grandaughters, sorry no pix were taken of the fabric. Here are a couple of quilts that were hanging outside on the fence by the parking lot. If you ever are in the area be sure to stop, you will be glad you did. :D

After a little more shopping we had to get ready to go downtown to see "Lion King". DD only lives 12 minutes away so it didn't take long to get there. It was wonderful! There is nothing like sitting in a theatre and watching a performance like this. Absolutely amazing! As we were waiting for the play I had a pix taken of the ceiling. I thought it would make a great center for a quilt!
Here is a great keepsake of the theatre!
Isn't this beautiful! Maybe someday I will try and recreate this in fabric.

We always have such a good time when we go to Columbus and when we come home here is what we see as we cross the border into Indiana. We are half way home at this point. Look how blue the sky was, isn't it beautiful!


Jess said...

come back!! I miss you already!!!!!!!!! Love you the mostest!

Milah said...

Looks like you two had a nice day!

Isn't it funny how quilters will look at tiles or architecture and see a quilt pattern?

Cris said...

I like the quilt for a children its really nice!