Thursday, November 20, 2008


On Monday nights the Quilting Ministry at church has been getting together to quilt. We have been working on a whole cloth for our senior pastor and his wife and have had several quilting on it all summer.

Thanks to Grace (pix above) and her husband, we have been able to keep the quilting frame set up in his office at his hardware store for anyone who would like to quilt. It has been alot of fun and we have become great friends with sewing and quilting as the bond that brought us together. One day we are hoping to have a space at the church where we can do things like this and teach others that are wanting to learn. This is our goal after the holidays are over. Below you can see some of the pattern of this quilt. Lots of feathers and cross hatching, a beautiful combination.

Not much else happening besides trying to finish quilts for gifts and will have pix when all are completed. I am behind in checking out what is happening with all of you and hope to get caught up with that also.
Have a great day! :D


Jean said...

This will be so beautiful when you are finished.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh wow! This is going to be beautiful!

Jan said...

Going to be a beautiful quilt. I really do like your change in backgrounds on your blog. Haven't tried changing mine yet. Will get adventureous one of these days.

WhiteStone said...

Love the whole-cloth quilt. And quilting with friends always makes for a good time together.