Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

It is election day and I hope you all got out to vote! It was a cool brisk morning here in Indiana but there were alot of friends in line at the polls to chat with while waiting my turn.
Here is a pix of one of the big corn piles at our west facility right before they tarped it. It was tarped yesterday and now they are filling the other pile, one just like this one. It is amazing to see that golden grain flowing into the pile. The yeilds have been very good in this area so the farmers are happy. Now, if the prices were a little better then they would REALLY be happy. :D
Last Friday night my daughter came home for the weekend from Ohio and so the Grandaughters stopped by to "trick or treat" and to see their Aunt Jessie!
Here is Jenna pretending to be meditating. They never were quiet, they had so much to talk about and so Aunt Jessie went out to see them on Saturday night and had a nice long visit.
You can sure tell they are related!

To make this a post a little bit quilty, I have been getting some of my older peiced quilts out to start finding backings for them to get them quilted and truly finished. This quilt I bought the kit on the first trip I made to Paducah, so it is really old. I wish I had the same fabric for the binding, but since it is Moda fabric I shouldn't have any trouble finding something to match.

An update on Breyden, he had surgery on Saturday and did fine with it. His mother is still with him in South Bend so I am still getting my info from the guys she works with. All our prayers are helping and I know Sherri appreciates them all!


Sara said...

What a pretty quilt and love the pics of the kids! Glad your co-workers son is doing some better!

Julia said...

It's such a pretty quilt, I'm sure you'll find something to match so you can finish it and use it... too nice to be in the cupboard!
Best wishes and thoughts for Breyden, I hope he keeps doing well..
Hugs julia

Lurline's Place said...

It is really nice to see family photos - especially such happy ones!
Lovely quilt and I'm so pleased Breyden is battling on - if it is meant to be, prayers do help!
Hugs - Lurline.

~blue~ said...

Aww, cute pics!! I don't know how many people at work tell me that Leah could be mine..such a little me :) Had a great time at home...the best trip in years!! Maybe my older years have me appreciating being back 'home'!

keryn said...

We have wheat piles like that outside our town, they're amazing. I don't think our harvest has been as good as yours.

The quilt is lovely, and the family photos great; it's odd how kids can resemble their aunties and uncles so much, one nephew is so like my brother it's amazing.