Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Looking For A Pattern

I am looking for a pattern and I hope someone can help me out. I have been going through my quilt kits and doing some sorting and I came across a bundle of fabric for a quilt but no pattern with it. The quilt is called "Acorn Quilt" and the fabric looks like Nancy Halvorsen fabric. I have gone through all my books but do not find that pattern in any of them.
I will be happy to swap a few FQ's for a copy of this pattern if anyone has it.
Thanks in advance for any and all help in this!
Am I the only quilter that does something stupid like this????? I guess this is what happens when I keep kits as long as I do. :=(


sewmeow said...

Well, at least you've got the kits/fabrics all coordinated together....even if it is for a long time. Sometimes, I pull one of the fabrics out of the kits for use in something else....ouch!

Pam P said...

Was the pattern in a Nancy Halvorsen book? I have a few; one being Acorn Hollow :) I also have Easy Does it for Autumn and (I think) a Halloween one - I loose track! You could try her website - Art to Heart - see if it rings a bell? Good luck!

Rachel said...

Good to know I am not the only one who does stuff like this! Do you have a picture of the fabrics? (you got me all curious...LOL)