Friday, April 8, 2011

Basket Of Logs

The quilt that I will be making with the fabric from a prior post is "Basket Of Logs" in the book Log Cabin Fever. No one guessed the actual quilt but "Linda" and "Swopester" did get the right book so if you would both email me your name and addresses to I will get a gift out to each of you. I have started on the quilt, sewed a couple of pieces together, LOL , but will try and get it all done after I get the baby quilts done. I am a bit intimidated by this pattern, it will be interesting! Happy quilting everyone!

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Linda said...

Thanks so much, I just emailed you my info. I don't have the book but it had to be a Log Cabin. Don't be intimidated, this is a fun pattern to do. I love your colors, please show us when you start it so we can see how the colors work together.