Friday, March 4, 2011

A Forgotten Quilt

Have you ever forgotten about a quilt you had made? I sure did! Hubby and I have been painting the quilting studio, glad that job is done, and as we were sorting things to put back after we were done I happened to find this table top sized quilt I had forgotten all about. It is called "Prairie Moon Throw" and I made it in 2004. I absolutely love the colors and it looks great on the table in the entry way.
Now that we are done and everything is back where it belongs it is such a joy to come out here to quilt! Have a great weekend!!


Linda said...

What a wonderful find! It's a beautiful quilt!!

Lori said...

That's too pretty to be forgotten about1 I'm glad you are enjoying it!!

Julie said...

Almost like when you find a $20 in the pocket of your coat the first time you wear it in the fall! It is very pretty!

paulette said...

Wow!! It's too beautiful to forget!! Put it on the table quick...before it walks off again!!
Take care!

Barb said... love this quilt!!

Brenda said...

Love your forgotten quilt, don't let it disappear again.