Friday, November 6, 2009


I have had a friend ask me how I do my Hexagons. I can't seem to upload this pix to my e-mail so I thought I would just post it on my blog. I have to baste the fabric to the little papers and then sew them all together. Once that is done I then take out the papers. So easy, a little more time consuming, but the only way I can keep the design to look like hexagons. Have fun with it!

It really is addictive and very portable. :D


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

question since I'm still very new to applique and such....
once papers are basted and the pieces are sewn together, the papers are removed. Got that much. BUT, how do you remove the papers? Isn't it sewn (or partially sewn) to the fabric?
I've done one applique using the papers (basting over the edge of the freezer paper), but by the time I needed to remove it, I had sewn over/through/and a bit around the paper, therefore not being able to remove all of it.
Thanks for any post as a response (hint-hint)

Christine said...

That reminds me should work on mine too.


jleibfried said...

I love the quilt in your banner. Can you tell me anything about it? Like the name of the pattern. LOL


Angela said...

Thanks for posting the pics with the various stages of your hexagons! I understand alot better now, seeing the back of them! And then to take the paper out, you just take out the basting stitches, right?
It looks like your hexagons are 1 inch? The ones I got, to start with, are 2 inches.
Hopefully my charm packs will come in the mail tomorrow, so I can get started! :o))))

luverlie said...

Please tell me these aren't 1"! OMG!
Thanks for the pictures.
Elaine from Evansville, IN.

Janet said...

Hexagons are wonderful and paper piecing them keeps them so accurate.

Jean said...

Still love these...I am catching up on your blog today as I am so far behind all the quilts you have been working on and have been busy! Great job!

Fiesta said...

I love this pattern. I have always wanted to make my hexies this way but never got around to it.