Friday, March 30, 2012

Victory Garden

I have finally finished my Victory Garden! I wish I could remember when I purchased this kit, it was a long time ago for sure, but I am so glad I dug it out and got it pieced! It is a wonderful quilt and I know I will enjoy it for years to come!

I had an incident with my Gammill yesterday so I won't be able to quilt this until hubby replaces a few parts. :( I was quilting away and turned to look at the dog for a sec and hit one of the clamps that hold the quilt taught. I truly can't believe I did that!! The only bright side to this is that I will have more time to piece another quilt which I have already started, LOL!

One more thing, I have a quilt kit and I can't find the pattern. It is call Curved Log Cabin, and if anyone happens to have a pattern they can share with me I would be eternally grateful! This is what happens to me when I don't immediately work on a quilt that I purchase!!

Have a wonderful quilty day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A New Beginning!

I have been so lax in the sewing department this winter, started a new job, and am finally getting back in the groove of trying to do some piecing every day.

This quilt I am making now I have had for a very long time and decided I wanted it finished. I am really loving it so far! I have a stack of quilts I need to quilt but am really enjoying the piecing process.
Have a quilty day!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Merry Christmas Quilt Pieced!

It has been another long spell since I have posted. The job I now have doesn't leave alot of hours for fun but I managed to get a couple of quilts pieced but not quilted. Getting some quilted is my next goal. This quilt is one that I absolutely love and it was alot of fun to piece.

I have taken time to check out some blogs and am loving all the quilts I have seen. Someday I will be able to stay home and sew and quilt as I please but until then I save my days off for family and fabric! Have a quilty day!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finally the Christmas Quilt is Finished!

It was a long time coming but my daughter's Christmas quilt is finally done! It is 101 X 101 inches and will keep her warm this winter! I know she will enjoy it for years to come!

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Been A Long Time

I have been away from blogland for a long time and alot has changed in my life. A different job, new interests, family issues, or I can just call it life. One thing that hasn't changed is I am still sewing and quilting but not as much as I would like. This quilt I finished piecing today and I realized how much I have missed sewing!

Time to check out some blogs to see what you are all doing!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Yummy Fabrics!

Had a great time last weekend with daughter being home! First thing on Saturday we made a run to a wonderful quilt shop and I found these yummy fabrics I just had to take home. It has been quite a long time since I have gone shopping for fabric and I was so happy to have found these. Now, what to make!

I also had a finish, yeah!! My stack of UFO's is getting smaller all the time. :D
Hope you all are having a very quilty weekend!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Quilt Finish And A Birthday!

Finally got this quilt finished! I have been trying to get my oldest quilts quilted and bound and am getting there slowly. This was not the oldest one but it has some age on it. Will get another oldie loaded in my machine later today I hope. Have a few days of free time so I had better take advantage of it. :D
This handsome guy below is my oldest grandson who turned 20 last week! Talk about feeling old, LOL!! He is a sophmore at Butler University in Indianapolis and is studying to be a teacher. I am so proud of him and I know his mother, who is looking down from heaven, is just as proud!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Fun Finish!

I finally got this wonderful quilt done! It was
the last pattern of Bonnie Hunter's that I have done and what alot of pieces I used. Great way to get rid of alot of scraps and have the quilt look good too!

This is how it looks hanging up in my quilting studio and I still couldn't get the who thing in one pix. If it wasn't raining I would take it outside but would have to hang it over the fence. Oh well, no matter how I look at it I still love it!
Hope everyone is having a quilty day!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It Has Been A Long Time!

It has been forever since I have been in blogland. Alot of changes in my life have been happening and things have calmed down and are back to normal, whatever that may be. I have been doing alot of piecing but little quilting and so I thought I would start quilting again with this wonderful table runner. My dear friend Angela pieced this for me in exchange of my quilting one of her quilts. She does such a wonderful job piecing and that makes this runner even more special! I have had this Thimbleberries kit in my house for I don't know how many years and am so happy that it is finished. It will be on display in my kitchen through the Thanksgiving holiday and I will love having it there to enjoy!
A little bit of what has been happening is that last November I had quit my job and spent many months at home quilting and enjoying my life. Alas the hubby wasn't too happy about it so I have been hired on at Wal-Mart an hour away. The fun part about my new job is that I work in the fabric department! I have had alot of fun there, talking to quilters and also to the college kids that come and buy fabric to make Halloween costumes and such!! I am amazed at how many of them are ambitious enough to do it! I can honestly say that it is never boring! That's about it. Now to go and check out what everyone else has been doing!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun Day Of Quilting-Finally!

It seems like it has been months since I have been at my machine to quilt a quilt. Canning tomato juice and putting up corn has kept me pretty busy but now it is all about quilting again, YEAH! It's alot more fun and alot less messy than veggies!
I feel a little rusty but it is getting smoother as I go along. I am loving it already!
Hope you all are having a merry quilty day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally Pieced!

I love Snowball quilts! I made one years ago and loved it. I needed a quick gift one day and decided to give it away. Alas, I missed it terribly and after all these years I finally made another one. My last one was all in browns and golds so I decided I would do the blues and reds and anything else I could find in my scrap bin.
I have a quilt to do for a friend which will be started today, I promise, and then this one will be next. I have vowed to get my stack of quilts done before I start a new one, it will be interesting to see how long I can hold out without using my rotary cutter on a new project!!!! :D